Uv 5r software download

uv 5r software download

  • Brick O'Lore: Baofeng UV-5R: Software v2
  • How To Program the BaoFeng UV5R or BF-F8HP in CHIRP.
  • The most important thing is to have the right driver installed. The adapter acts a serial interface adapter and needs a driver for that. I googled the ID of the adapter. The nearest match was the CH from wch. The driver can be downloaded from here. The programming adapter apparently has to be plugged in when running the setup with Admin rightsotherwise the driver installation failed on my machine. To confirm the successful installation, check your device-manager.

    Apr 10,  · UV-5R Chirp Software Programming Process. 1) Open the software, click "Download From Radio" under "Radio". 2) Select the corresponding cable driver port, and select Model "UV-5R" under Vendor "Baofeng", then click "OK" to read the radio. 3) And you will come to the page of Memories, in which you can adjust the limited parameters (Channel, TX. Download; News; Log in. Register. Compare. Download. GO. BF. BF Series. BFS X. Software UV-5R EX Chirp Programming. Manual UV-5R Series Manual. Others [Engilsh] UV-5R EX Programming Guideline. UVX3 X. Manuals & Software. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products. » uv 5r vip software 64 bit download» uv5r_w64_vip not running in windows 10» uv-5r w64» uv_5r_w64 vip; Most popular downloads. UpdateStar Premium Edition Google Chrome Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

    There should now be a new serial port. Com3, in my case. Once the programming cable is recognized as a serial port, we can proceed with the programming software. Chirp is a fantastic piece of software that allows to program a wide variety of radios. Chirp can be downloaded from here. The daily build usually is the best version to use. It is download not essential, but I like to see my name and call sign when I turn on the radio:. Simplex programming For normal simplex work, I use the old fashioned, wide deviation FM settings.

    I have also made sure that the 3. Also, I downloav using Version Sorry for the long post, zoftware I want to make sure I give you all the most info possible. Dear Anonmous, I have just spent the last 5 hours getting the same software you, then I pushed the plug really hard and OMG it went click a litle bit more, then its working.

    I found I had to shave a bit of plastic off the plug on the programming cable before it would go in properly - the plugs should go fully into the sockets with no metal showing.

    uv 5r software download

    I am seeing so much versions of this model. What is the latest version please?


    Which are the best ham use?? Lots of opinions out there. It seems to be the most solid of the bunch and has a few more features. Hello Guys. I've tried as many of you to do the same tricks,first installing different drivers found in differents sites. Then installing several times the original software. But the problem is still running every time.

    Oct 18,  · The BaoFeng UV-5R programming software, free download can be found on the CHIRP website. There are several warnings when go to use this software with this radio because of the huge number of different firmware versions (and they are not upgradable). Fortunately I have had little problem with using CHIRP and the UV-5R radios. Trusted Windows (PC) download UV-5R Programmer Virus-free and % clean download. Get UV-5R Programmer alternative downloads. Apr 10,  · UV-5R Chirp Software Programming Process. 1) Open the software, click "Download From Radio" under "Radio". 2) Select the corresponding cable driver port, and select Model "UV-5R" under Vendor "Baofeng", then click "OK" to read the radio. 3) And you will come to the page of Memories, in which you can adjust the limited parameters (Channel, TX.

    But to be honest,could be the problem inside the original software?? I can programming the radio,even if some settings are a bit different Another ideas?

    Download Center – Tenway two way radio

    Can i even do theat or do i need a new one with new firmware. HOLA DESDE ARGENTINA con service 3 pack windows xp no tengo problemas en cambiar las frecuencias del equipo en cuestion ya pude transmistir en mhz recepcionando con radio shack pro 75 tambien transmiti en download sin ningun problema recepcionando con radio uniden bearcat fb me tengo que poner a experimentar un poco mas y la verdad es un lindo chiquilin saludos.

    Holla, Gracias por la respuesta, perdona my espaniol :. Yo queria saber el software ce me permite de cambiar la banda del equipo. I have two uv-5r radios. One works great, the other will not connect to the computer to program. Are you sure the cable is seated correctly? There is a lot of variability in the build quality, so some radios are software impossible to physically connect.

    Brick O'Lore: Baofeng UV-5R: Software v2

    However, in trying to help friends who bought the same model radio, they, nor I can get dowload software to communicate with the radio. We have tried three different computers and two different cables. All configs work perfectly with my radio, but not with any of the three of theirs. Done all the usual things - comm port, pushing in the connector and such. I'm starting to think Baofeng has had a run of bad jacks.

    Have just spent week trying to communicatedifferent drivers for usbdifferent versions of Baofeng programming softwaretried Chirp. Finally slowed comms port speed down from to through device manager all good! A few tips for UV-5R programming: -The software version matters.

    How To Program the BaoFeng UV5R or BF-F8HP in CHIRP.

    Some UV-5Rs have updated firmware, and older software might not match. Make sure you get the latest version or "build" from the software provider. In Windows 7, this is in the Device Manager. Sometimes, improper transfer rates cause programming errors.

    uv 5r software download

    On the UV-5R Yahoo grouphe notes that:. Anonymous March 28, at PM. Anonymous June 18, at PM. Anonymous April 4, at AM. Anonymous April 5, at AM. Anonymous April 12, at AM. Walt April 15, at PM. Anonymous April 30, at PM. Anonymous May 1, at PM. Anonymous May 12, at AM. Anonymous June 20, at PM. Anonymous January 4, at AM. Anonymous June 23, at PM. Anonymous July 8, at PM. Anonymous August 23, at AM. Anonymous March 10, at AM.

    Anonymous August 4, at AM. Anonymous August 27, at PM. Unknown October 25, at PM.

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    1. Harold Devarashetty:

      I got the same errors at first, running win 7 64bit computer, finally got driver from WWW. PS software dosent seem to work on a 10 in netbook, screen resolution is enough to shoe the confirm on com port window. Is the driver installed correctly?

    2. Jeff Camarillo:

      Doing that manually is very unpleasant, and I have a programming cable, of course. It is this one , that is not even labelled, but works great.

    3. Lynn Horn:

      How to program the baofeng uv-5r from a windows 10 pc driver installation. This usb cable is an genuine brand new baofeng be aware of cable counterfeits that does not work.

    4. Ashley Hayes:

      You might for example just program the radio using the keys if you need to enter just a few memories or you are out in the field with no access to programming software or cables. Using the software would be much more beneficial if you needed to program a lot of memories, or needed to have multiple radios with the same memory settings cloning radios. The software programming problems are almost all related to the counterfeit Prolific chips in the cheap Chinese cables.

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