Silverlight mac os x download

silverlight mac os x download

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  • Some features, such as HD video, may benefit from the power contained in newer personal computers. If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info? Is there any feedback you would like to provide?

    Get Silverlight | Microsoft Silverlight

    Click here. Beta and Old versions Silverlight 5. Popular Downloads Mozilla Firefox Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser. Outlook Express silverlihht. Microsoft PowerPoint WinRAR 6. Worldwide Standard in Pro Pitch Correction. BitTorrent 7. Torrent Client. Opera browser VLC Media Player 3. LibreOffice 7. Windows Media Player 9. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.

    Age of Empires 1.

    Screenshots of Silverlight

    And, as others have pointed out, it looks like Microsoft has depreciated Silverlight in favor of supporting the industry-adopted h. This, of course, is a good thing. Hopefully those Silverlight-developed features will be rolled into the next version of h. Yes, it sucks that we have to have Silverlight installed for essentially the one website on the entire planet that uses it.

    silverlight mac os x download

    Magosilvan May 22 I already have this version installed since April I just use it to see some TV. Is this really a new version? FTBZ May 22 Generally the software is stable, I never encountered a major problem. Silverlight May 22 I seem mac remember reading somewhere lately in an article about Microsoft's roadmap that development of Silverlight was dead or all silferlight dead. If I could dump Java I would do that too.

    Flash, Java, and Adobe products are full of security holes. I wouldn't be surprised if Silverlight were the same. Mac5 May 22 I was quite silverljght when I found that I needed Silverlight installed on my iMac download I could effectively run Netflix. Surprised, because I was under the impression that damn few people ever silverligjt this piece of troublesome software on the PC's, far less on Mack's.

    Its pretty useless in todays world. Keeps crashing. I wouldn't have this pos installed if it weren't for Netflix Satcomer Apr 4 Hopefully Microsoft will continue this! Davekct Mar 14 I installed Silverlight on my MacBook Pro and now i'm not able to view a slideshow of pictures that are attached to an email in hotmail. Prior to this a slideshow screen would pop up and I could sort through the pics. Silverlightt a blank screen pops up and freezes my hotmail. Any suggestions on mca to do about this?

    Deader than a Zune! Darren-Grant Feb 15 I have managed to keep this rubbish off of my mac until I subscribed to LoveFilm that requires silverlight. It causes the mouse pointer to disappear downlad sometimes doesn't even play videos so I have to quit the browser and reopen it.

    Download Silverlight for Mac | MacUpdate

    Just give it up Microsoft you couldn't make worse silverlighht if you tried. Oddly enough when I was redirected to the Silverlight page it stated Silveright already had this version installed. Go figure. Jeff-H- Nov 16 So Microsloth Not impressed with the netflix delivery of blurry macro blocks over a 1. Culture-Of-One Jun 26 I needed this update in order to keep using Silverlight mac bit mode on Firefox 5.

    So far so good. Since the upgrade I haven't seen any screen flashing problems like I did on the previous version on Netflix used to have the upper inches of screen flash in a lighter o on occasion. I'm hoping this means that they've eliminated the bug, but only time will tell. For those looking download a way to configure Silverlight to maximize bandwidth, etc. Sadly, it's not as simple as right-clicking on the screen so I give it a slightly lower ease-of-use rating.

    You'd be surprised how much just tweaking the buffering can improve picture quality! Doug-Engelbart May silverligjt Where can we download Silverlight 1. Caleb-Gilbert Feb 15 This now works with FF4 Beta 11 as of today. Easy to install, run smoothly. I should learn how to write Windows Phone 7 apps with this technology. Oct 30 Adobe should buy Silverlight from Microsoft and replace Flash oz it.

    JD-1 Oct 30 Yes,I agree this software silverlight cause this hardware failure. However, it's obvious that Windoze lemming is troll baiting as usual! Clean, elegant multi-use plugin. Microsoft got it right here.

    Download Latest Version for Mac ( MB) Advertisement. 1/5. Microsoft Silverlight is a free and programmable web browser plugin, which enables interactive media features such as animation, audio-video playback and vector graphics, so you can experience rich and vibrant Internet applications. Silverlight offers a flexible programming model /10(). Oct 31,  · Oct 31,  · Free download Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight for Mac OS X. Microsoft Silverlight - Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of Microsoft/5(14). Mar 15,  · Mar 15,  · Microsoft Silverlight has probably missed the boat as far as Web goes, although there's probably no way Mac users can avoid it since there will always be some websites that opt to stream content with Silverlight rather than Flash. No release notes available. Changes. No release notes available.3/10().

    They're really no more the Evil Empire than any other scarcity-based, fear-mongering capitalist outfit, i. This is superior to Flash in every way. Jeff-H- May 18 I pretty much agree with what you say but in order for me to stream Netflix movies through Plex you have to install this plugin. I do agree though that MS has some bloated sw Chas-m May 18 I'm fully prepared to believe that MS has come up with a Flash-like substitute that runs better silverllight possible.

    But I've chosen to avoid Silverlight for now for two reasons: 1. MS tries very sneakily to install silverligth in your system without your knowledge via the Windows Components for QuickTime ssilverlight which it is an optional install done by default. If MS had brought this out five years ago, we'd probably all be loving it or at least tolerating it. Proprietary stuff on the web is OUT, ms.

    Microsoft Silverlight for Mac - Download

    Didn't the ActiveX debacle teach you anything? Lylehm Apr 24 I have to give MS credit for Silverlight. Installation was simple and it didn't force me to quit or restart anything - one of my pet peeves. From a user standpoint, Silverlight appears to be pretty flexible. It can embed some fairly sophisticated apps into your browser or enhance the browsing experience by transforming silverlight interface with a bunch of interactive eye-candy.

    Google "silverlight 4 samples" and take some for a spin. You might be pleasantly surprised. I can't speak to development ease or security. But, Download did note that one app asked permission before it accessed my webcam and then sadly failed - perhaps not liking my Dell cam. I was surprised that it was so power-hungry AND that it was using 4 cores.

    It does not appear to be able to take advantage of the multiple threads of the i7. So, nice work MS. If this was in the wild a few more years ago, we might have never seen the rise and possible fall mac the ubiquitous flash. Just works. As of now running v. Morefood Feb 5 Cowicide Nov 19 There are alternatives to Netflix. Screw this. This disease will not infest my Mac.

    Dalisllama Oct 29 I will prefice this review by saying that I have been working with Flash since it was called FutureSplash and had not yet been purchased by Macromedia. As a developer of Flash and Java applications I have to say that I have noticed that Silverlight provides much better video streaming as well as including features such as Deep Zoom check out the Hard Rock Memorbilia web page to see that in action. Furthermore, Silverlight seems to have been designed from the ground up to be a much more secure plug-in.

    Flash has and continues to be riddled with security issues and updates. To the users who are concerned about people using VB or C to express their applications you must understand that these are simply languages. What matters is how the application is implemented using the language. Why bring Windows problems over to the Mac? Splig Apr 18 I agree with most of the comments: a: We do not need yet another protocol b: Privacy is an issue the installer does warn that it will update automatically, but there is no choice given.

    silverlight mac os x download

    Review: I installed this solely to watch Netflix streams. A previous version did not work, but this one does the job and has not crashed for me. I wish Netflix had chosen another protocol, BUT the software does appear to work as advertised, so I can't give it mad low a score as others downloadd done. I may need to adjust my stability score after further use.

    Surfspirit Apr 12 One more "protocol", as if aren't already enough of them, anyway, it crashes safari a few seconds after using it in a web page. I just can't understand how Microsoft is such a big company with so bad software! Ronl Apr 8 Is this you or Microsoft? Please change your system requirements Aeschylus Apr 8 Does Microsoft purposely try to make their software infuriatingly complicated to use on a Mac, or is this just silverlight best they can do?

    Even though this is supposed to be seamless, when you finally mwc something that needs Silverlight, it doesn't seem as easy or smooth as Flash. It crashes my Intel Mac too. Dalahast Mar 22 I'm not so sure that a logo on a background, however beautiful and reminiscent of flame fractals, qualifies as being a screenshot, but the product itself is fine.

    Threedee Nov oe The NBC Olympics thing was horrible. NBC put a download of DRM and region-locking and service provider checks in place, which really made everything, well, suck. However, that was NBC's mac, not really Microsoft's. I'm gonna try an post an honest review. Silverlight installed without any problem. It's function is similar to flash, displaying interactive content online. I'd say silerlight about the same speed as Flash too, maybe only slightly faster at certain things.

    However, not many sites use Silverlight so it's hard to tell. Pirx Oct 17 Down with things Micosoft! Aeschylus Oct 15 Now we should help them to promulgate their proprietary "standard" why?? Raynehem Aug 20 Snowlprd Aug 7 The only reason I installed this was to test video playback of the Summer Silverlight from nbcolympics. I can't say the results were very pleasing. That being the case, I'm going to vote with my mouse fingers and find another source for Olympic video coverage.

    Perhellstrom Jun 27 I download had problems viewing the demo, but downlozd the user agent to Explorer 7 xownload. Trondah Jun 27 Doesn't look very good. I'd love to see a replacement for Flash, as it's very heavy on the CPU and constantly crashes my Safari. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be it for the time being. This version is Intel only. Mori57 Jan 2 I'm no Microsoft apologist, but you -do- realize that you're eschewing a product that offers possibly the ONLY serious commercial competition to Adobe?

    Does anyone here keep track of software prices, or see how dangerous it is to have the most prevalent tools in the industry all owned by one company? Adobe owns imaging, desktop publishing, and web publishing tools that have no seriously-credible competitors. I own TextMate and Cyberduck for most of my general editing purposes Now, Microsoft's tools have all the stamps of Microsoft's previous attempts to get a foot in the door.

    I probably won't buy any of them. I'm born, bred, and raised on Adobe products. Still, download higher Adobe raises the prices for Dreamweaver and Flash, the more often I start looking for lower-priced alternatives. If Microsoft offered Silverlight mac tools on mac Mac that were decently priced, I would be tempted to give it a shot. Be careful that you silverlight discount Microsoft's efforts. If Adobe is not cautious, and believes it can bilk its developers because it's the only game in town, Microsoft could end up surprising them.

    Dalahast Jan 1 A friend of mine who is a geek like me said something about Silverlight once.

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      Microsoft Corporation Free. User rating User Rating 7.

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      All OSes. All licences.

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      Microsoft has announced the release of Silverlight 3 for Mac OS X , along with a new version of its Expression design tool. Silverlight 3 is compatible only with Intel-based Macs, and offers better performance, GPU acceleration, desktop tools, and support for higher-quality audio and video. According to the company behind the Windows operating system, additional video and audio support includes native H.

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      Cross-platform plug-in delivers interactive applications for the Web. Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of. NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.

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      Although Microsoft's Silverlight was originally conceived as a competitor to Adobe Flash, it now finds itself competing with Abobe's Web 2. The harsh truth is, Microsoft Silverlight has already fallen considerably behind Adobe Air and typical for a Microsoft product on Mac, it's prone to bugs.

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